About Us

let's move step by step otherwise it will be a mess.

My name is Ben Rickwood, I have been a Personal Trainer for the past 25 years. In that time I have seen every method of weight loss from starvation diets, carbless diets and the good old shake diets. Through tried and tested means with both myself and my clients I have found that a lot of the plans currently out there are unsustainable and unrealistic for someone with a busy lifestyle and a family. The age of Instagram has brought us the extreme and I am offering an alternative approach which is based on countless positive results with my clients and just plain common sense!

The Maximus 1-2-3-4 Food Plan approach is based on portion control, light exercise, easy to follow meal plans and an ethos of ‘no guilt’ attached to having something that you like. Following up bad decisions with good decisions and not writing off days or weeks helps you take control over what is real life, let’s face it some days just don’t go to plan! Regular check ins, accountability and the wealth of experience on hand can and will be the difference to you achieving the goals that seem way out of reach. Since starting the plan I have helped hundreds of people, all round the world, and I get as much of a buzz from their results as they do, or you will! Eating the foods you like, understanding portions and not become a food martyr are just some of the principles of this plan.

Food Coaches

Crucial to the success of our plan is having access to your own personal food coach – literally 24/7. Once you enroll you gain access to the Maximus 1-2-3-4 Food Plan app, which allows you to message either myself or one of my fabulous team, send pictures of your meals, ask us questions when you are in a restaurant, or whatever you need. We are there to support you, our success is your success.
All of the team have been in your shoes and have been on the plan, so they understand how you are feeling, they know how it feels to fall off the proverbial ‘food wagon’, but they also know that this plan works!