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Walking- Count Your Steps to Health!!

Walking! It’s simple! We were born to do it! Not riding, swimming, or rowing. One foot in front of the other. It’s easy, achievable and it gets you moving and increasing your activity levels which is key when trying to lose weight. It’s the perfect partner to reduced portions in my opinion.

Walk tracker

If you’ve a negative association to exercise through an experience or you just feel you are not in the right shape to try exercise or it’s just down to confidence then walking is the best way to start your exercise journey. It’s low impact, great for the joints, not too strenuous where the body will ask for food in return for energy expenditure. The rate of improvement in your performance through distance, speed, or times is rapid which is extremely motivating.

Most people when they have built up to a frequency of at least 5 walks a week will then naturally progress into wanting to do some other exercise to supplement their walking.  By then their fitness and confidence has improved well beyond what they thought was possible. Getting out into the fresh air is like medicine for the brain, you can do it on your own or with family. So many of our client’s comment on how walking with the family has brought them together through spending time and achieving which is the best feeling ever! It’s just one foot in front of the other! Get out there and get moving man!

10 Health Benefits of walking everyday

Walk for weight loss

1. Easy to do.

2. It’s free!

3. It’s not high intensity so will not make you hungry.

4. The perfect partner to reduced portions.

5. Fresh air is like medicine, get out there and breathe.

6. It’s easily achievable.

7. Can be done anywhere, anytime.

8. Can be done on your own, with a partner or family.

9. Time the walk or go for distance.

10. Give it a try!

Walk Walk Walk…!!

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Healthy Alternatives to Beer & Wine

From enjoying the pool to hosting a barbeque, summer is the perfect season to enjoy. Many even love to host a beer and wine party to beat the heat. But do you know, this carefree beer can severely affect your health? Don’t let your toned body turn into something less expected by the season end.

There are many healthy alternatives to beer and wine. Some of them are:


Gin & Tonic

Thanks to the demand for the non-alcoholic drinks, there are vast options for booze-free drinks on offer. Surely, alcohol-free gin is one of the best choices among them.

You can buy gin and tonic water separately, but sometimes you just love to open the fridge and have a drink that’s already prepared. There are cans that contain a balanced ratio of gin and tonic, along with a mild taste of le

Sparkling juices

These sparkling beverages tend to make your summer celebration special with the best flavours and taste. Sparkling juices are prepared by the same fermentation process that is used for making sparkling wine. This makes a great alternative to wine or beer as they have the same bubbles.

Simply screw off the cap, put in a straw, and you have a healthy drink that can be enjoyed on the beach, at a party, or during an outdoor function. You can make the drink more interesting by pouring it into a wine glass.

Also Read: 6 Health Benefits of Drinking Wate

Wrap up

Apart from above, there are many more options that you can enjoy in place of wine and beer to cool off this summer. These alternatives are the best means to relax, socialize and celebrate during any season.

Enjoy your alcohol-free party! Happy summers!

Why Walking Is Your Secret Weapon In Weight Loss

When it comes to staying fit, we opt for rigorous workouts. But do you know walking is the best way to get in shape? Walking is a low-impact, easy, and accessible workout for almost any age group or fitness level.

But how come walking is better than other workouts while burning calories? We have painted the 3 reasons claiming that walking is the secret weapon in weight loss:

Fights against obesity


 Surely portion control and proper food plan for weight loss fight against obesity. But apart from these swift walking can protect you too.

Obesity is a reason to many problems including heart disease, diabetes, and even certain cancers. As per studies, daily walk fights against obesity and manage your weight. Have a short walk after every meal.

Pro tip: Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

Aids weight loss

Weight Loss Journey

Walking can help to shed extra kilos from your body. It not only boosts the amount of energy but also makes your muscles leaner by burning extra calories.

30 minutes of brisk walking can help burn some calories a day. Of course, the more you walk the more calories you’ll burn.

Some sources even claim that in order to maintain a stable weight one should walk at least 150 minutes per week.

Prevents weight gain

Weight Gain

As per studies, walking 2,000 steps a day will limit your weight gain. Spend just 30 minutes every day to prevent weight gain. In order to lose weight more effectively, increase your distance and speed to burn more calories.

Moreover, slow walking does not burn a lot of calories. If you want to work hard, make every minute count. Walk on a tough path; for example, walk up a hill or stairs to burn more. Make it more intense by adding weight.

Besides, keep a close eye on your food. Avoid eating junk food. Learn more about the health benefits of drinking water.

Is Walking The Only Best Exercise For Burning Calories?

Weight Loss Transformation

Walking is one of the various workouts that help to lose extra inches. Along with a daily walk, one should follow a blend of exercise and the right quantity of food.  

Excess of everything is bad. Overdoing it can boost the risk of soreness, injury, and burnout. If you’re new to physical activity, you must start with short walks and slowly build up to longer walks.

Along with the walk, exercise is also important to keep the weight off. So keep walking, but make sure you also do some physical activity and eat right.


Apart from losing weight, walking offers various health benefits to people. Some of the other benefits are: 

  • Blessing for heart
  • Good for skin
  • Lowers blood sugar level
  • Boosts immunity & energy 

Walking is free exercise. All you need to have a sturdy pair of walking shoes & track pants.
Happy Walking!!

6 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is one of the basic needs of the human body. Drinking water daily keeps you hydrated and makes every system of the body function properly. Apart from hydration, it plays an important role in portion control. Having a glass of water before a meal will make you feel less hungry.

Surprised? There are many more benefits of drinking water. Herein, we have painted you the list of 6 Health benefits of drinking water:

Weight loss & portion control remedy

Portion Control

Following a proper food plan is important to shape your body. But apart from the food plan for weight loss, drinking adequate water makes the process faster and shows desired results.

Water aids in controlling portions of food and makes you feel fuller. This means eating less- all with zero calories. Moreover, water increases your metabolism which means burning more calories on a daily basis. Isn’t it a magic liquid?

Helps digestion

Portion Control

Water creates saliva in the mouth that helps us to digest our food. It also keeps the mouth, nose, and eyes moist that limits friction and damage. Insufficient amount of water causes dehydration. This can slow down the digestion power and can cause constipation.

Water is the best remedy to fight against all digestion problems including an overly acidic stomach, heartburn, and stomach ulcers.

Besides, having water before and after a meal will break the food you eat more easily and hence making digestion effective.

Excellent for skin

Skin Care

Water is a blessing for the skin as it makes it look younger and brighter. It hydrates skin cells making your face look fresh. Besides, it replenishes skin tissues, moisturizes, flushes out impurities, improves circulation, and increases the elasticity of your skin.

Hydrated skin is less sensitive to skin disorders. Remember to drink and eat your way to excellent skin.

Good for the brain

Mental Health

The brain is mostly made up of water. As per sources, even mild dehydration can have a severe effect on the functionality of the brain. Water helps the brain in a number of ways such as:

  • Boosts concentration and focus
  • Maintains a balance between mood and emotions
  • Aids memory function
  • Circulates blood and oxygen
  • Prevents headaches

Treat kidney stones

Kidney health

The kidney is the most important organ of excretion system. An adequate amount of water aids the smooth function of the kidney and also prevents kidney stones.

As per studies, water can prevent the formation and removal of kidney stones. In addition, enough water in your system prevents constipation.

Promotes cardiovascular health

Portion Control

Insufficient water can lower your blood volume forcing your heart to work harder to pump the reduced amount of blood and oxygen to cells. This makes normal daily activities like walking exercise, talking, etc quite difficult.

To avoid such situations, drink 6 to 7 glasses of water every day.


Apart from the list above, there are many more health benefits of water. Water is important for every part of your body.

Make sure to have enough water each day to boost your overall health.

Eat Your Way to Excellent Skin – Join Food Plan

Someone rightly said,” You are what you eat.” This saying indicates that to keep your skin fit and healthy, you need to eat good food. Right food provides all the essential nutrients to your skin and keeps it soft and blemish-free. Include vitamins, vegetables, and follow 1234 Food Plan to make your skin look younger and healthier.

Skin doesn’t only require lotions and creams, but one needs to feed it with healthy food items. Herein, we are suggesting some of the best foods for your skin:

Add enough vitamin C in your Food Plan:

Food Plan

Incorporate vitamin C in your diet to make your skin look flawless. Vitamin C not only boosts the immune system but also promotes radiant skin and heals blemishes. The best sources are Kiwi, lemons, broccoli, guava, oranges, strawberries, and more.

Vitamin C makes your skin smooth and gives skin a youthful glow. Moreover, it reduces redness and gives a tone complexion.

Don’t crash diet:

Some dermatologists believe that years of repeated dieting can harm your skin. While gaining weight, your skin stretches and while losing your skin shrinks back. The frequent expansion and contraction in weight will harm your skin. This imparts a lean and a weak look to the skin.

Such crash diets are often short in vital vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to follow food plan and practice right portion control for healthy weight loss; otherwise, your skin may have to face harsh results. 

Eat enough vitamin E:

Vitamin E is a blessing for all types of skin. It promotes skin growth and prevents any damage. Have vitamin E food items such as almonds, avocado, hazelnuts, pine nuts, sunflower, and corn oils.

Vitamin E also protects your skin from harsh sun rays and heals your sensitive parts such as feet and lips against any damage. 

Have six to eight glasses of water a day:

Drinking water is one of the best things to keep your skin hydrated. It also feeds your skin with vital nutrients and gets rid of toxins. Experts suggest having 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. 

You may include fruits, juices, and milk to count towards your total. Water is the best way to get perfect skin. It gives your skin a natural glow and shine.

Opt for omega-3:

Incorporate omega-3 and omega-6 fats in your diet. These vital fatty acids cannot be prepared by the body itself therefore must be taken through the diet. Sources of Omega-3 are fish, linseed, chia seeds, walnuts, and rapeseed oil. 

It boosts the body to produce skin-friendly compounds to treat skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. Moreover, it also protects your skin from sun damage

Eat plenty of zinc:

Best sources of zinc include fish, lean red meat, whole grains, poultry, nuts, seeds, and shellfish. It has many perks. Zinc works as the best antioxidant for skin and protects the skin from UV light, pollution, and other skin-agers. Moreover, it heals and boosts skin. 

In conclusion:

Eat right and feel good from the inside out. Eating healthy will help in achieving the perfect radiance and will boost your overall skin health.

Happy Eating!

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What are the benefits of eating healthy?

Someone rightly said, “Health is Wealth.” Good health is one of the best assets the human body can have. But with our busy schedules, our eating habits have deteriorated.  A good food plan incorporates fruits and vegetables, whole grains and starches, good fats, and lean proteins. It also means avoiding all junk food to maintain weight. Eating healthy has many benefits that are exceptional and long-term. We have painted you the list of 5 benefits of eating healthy:

Good Health

Food Plan for Good Health

A healthy diet with regular exercise is very good for the overall health of the body. A good diet doesn’t come in a pill. Benefit your body with a variety of healthy whole foods. Pen down the strong and weak points of your current diet. This will help you assess your diet.

Also, have plenty of water and water-rich food items. You can have fruit juice, soda, sports and energy drinks, sweetened or flavored milk, and sweetened iced tea to boost overall health.

Weight Loss

Weight Management

A healthy diet keeps your weight under control, makes you fit, active, and self-confident. An overweight person has a higher risk of diseases including heart disease, poor bone density, or cancer. A person who wants to reduce weight must take a balanced diet and should keep an eye on calorie intake.

He or she should follow a proper weight loss plan or Maximus 1234 food plan. A proper meal plan for weight loss will help you to stay within your food limit without having many calories.

Incorporate fiber in your diet as it helps to control hunger by making people feel fuller for longer.

Improve Memory

Food Plan for mental health

Healthy eating not only improves our physical health but also mental health. As per Nutritionists, the most effective way to boost your mental health is to follow a healthy dietary pattern that includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, dry fruits, fish, and whole grains.

Having this part of a healthy diet can improve the health of your brain, which could translate into better mental function.

Meal Plan for Better Mood

Healthy Eating

There is a close link between food and mood. A healthy diet incorporating enough nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats, will feed your brain and balance the hormones that regulate your mood.

A not so good diet can be responsible for depression and fatigue. Avoid taking food that has a high glycemic load such as soft drinks, cakes, white bread, and biscuits. 

Getting a good night sleep

Beauty Sleep

Eating healthy at least two hours before you go to sleep boosts digestion, lowers stress, and helps you get sound sleep. Reducing the intake of alcohol and caffeine also ensures restful sleep.

Avoid junk food, have dinner at right time, and stop consuming oily and heavy foods to have sound sleep. Moreover, keep your dinner light and right.


There are more benefits of healthy eating. Eating healthy brings infinite positive changes to the mind, body, and soul. It is better to pay more attention to what you eat.

Happy Eating!

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How to Spend Your Time in Lockdown!

5 Ways to Stay Motivated

COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone stay at home. More than half of the population is spending their time at home. Spending a whole day inside our homes can demotivate us. It is better to turn this lockdown into a chance to engage in new skills like painting, food plan, Workout plan etc.

Herein, we are suggesting 5 ways to keep yourself engaged during lockdown to stay motivated

Do a daily workout

Do workout daily. Indulge in some fun exercises and give your body a good stretch. Workout boosts physical strength, flexibility, and activity. You can even perform yoga to relax your body, mind, and soul. This will also boost stamina. But it is always 70% diet and 30% exercise that gives the desired outcomes. So along with exercise, it is important to keep an eye on your food habits. Eat healthy such as fruits, veggies, and dals. Join a meal planner program to keep a close check on your food.

To lose weight, both moderate exercise and food plan with portion control is important.

Check-in with your friends/family:

This is the best time to connect with your loved ones. Spend time with the ones who are always there for us. Connect to your old friends through video conferencing.

Help your mother in the kitchen and father in cleaning the car. This way you will learn new skills that will help you in the future.

Pick up a new hobby:

One of the best ways to stay motivated to pick up a new hobby during the lockdown. Spend your time wisely. Take a tour of some of the most interesting skills around the globe and pick up a new hobby from there. Learn about the benefits of healthy eating or doing exercise daily. Whether you choose to learn an instrument or want to start a blog, it’s the best way to use time.

Watch those series and films you’ve been waiting to watch for ages:

Watching a series or film is always a fun task. We all have a bunch of films that once we decide to watch but we never get the time to see them. During the lockdown, you get the perfect chance to go through all must-watch series and films.

Pick the series of your choice and watch it.

Meditate for an hour or half:

Meditation is the best way to keep yourself calm and compose. It keeps you motivated and makes you feel positive. During a lockdown, you can get an hour or half to meditate to feel the inner peace and strength. Meditation is very helpful in throwing away all the stress and negativity.

Turn this lockdown period into an opportunity to lose weight, to learn a new skill, to help family, to watch favorite shows and to mediate

Stay Home, Stay Safe!!

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Ignorance Is Not Bliss: Get Real & Practice Portion Control

Fitness is one of the most heard words in today’s world. Everybody whether young or old wants to be fit and healthy. There are many ways to keep oneself fit and sound. Some of the best ways are Weight management, eating healthy and practicing portion control. Among them, portion control is the most effective solution to keep your mind and body healthy and sound. Many people have a misconception that only the quality of food matters but both quality and quantity matters. Control on Portion is also the best way to lose weight. A proper food plan or healthy eating plan or meal plan or effective weight loss diet helps in the management of weight. Just follow weekly meal planner or monthly meal planner to see the desired results.

What is Portion Control?

Eating healthy is necessary but quantity also matters. What you eat and how much you eat defines your body fitness. Control of portion is serving sizes as per calorie counts for different foods and drinks. Do note that the size of the food matters. As per sources, people eat more food when offered more.


It is very important to maintain a healthy weight so that one can neglect future consequences and control diseases. If you are overweight or obese, you are at risk of facing serious health issues. To ignore such problems, regular exercise with a blend of high quality and the right quantity of food is necessary. By right quantity of food means to portion control. It is one of the healthy ways of weight loss. Follow proper food plan or meal plan or healthy eating plan and see the shocking results in your body. Weight loss diet should be in accordance with portion control. So get real and practice portion control, the best way to lose weight. Also, a weekly meal planner or monthly meal planner is important.


Who doesn’t want to be fit and healthy? People try various ways to keep their bodies in shape. The most effective way is controlling the portion of food. It means choosing the right and a healthy amount of food. There are many benefits of portion control. Some of them are listed below:

  1. It helps you to get the necessary nutrients that are necessary for the overall growth of the body.
  2. Management of weight.
  3. It helps in the proper digestion of food.
  4. Keeps you active and energetic throughout the whole day.
  5. Control blood sugar level and a lot more.

Drawbacks of not Practicing Portion Control

Our appetite is mostly challenged by highly tasty and appetizing foods and this leads to more consumption and can further lead to gain in weight. This can be very harmful. One has to keep an eye on the right portion and quantity of food on a plate, otherwise, the consumption of more food can trouble you later on.


If you are serious about your health and body, Get real and practice portion control.

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