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Healthy Alternatives to Beer & Wine

From enjoying the pool to hosting a barbeque, summer is the perfect season to enjoy. Many even love to host a beer and wine party to beat the heat. But do you know, this carefree beer can severely affect your health? Don’t let your toned body turn into something less expected by the season end.

There are many healthy alternatives to beer and wine. Some of them are:


Gin & Tonic

Thanks to the demand for the non-alcoholic drinks, there are vast options for booze-free drinks on offer. Surely, alcohol-free gin is one of the best choices among them.

You can buy gin and tonic water separately, but sometimes you just love to open the fridge and have a drink that’s already prepared. There are cans that contain a balanced ratio of gin and tonic, along with a mild taste of lemon.


Healthy Drinks

A mocktail is somewhat similar to the cocktail. Cocktail incorporates alcoholic drinks whereas mocktail incorporates juices, soft drinks and various other non-alcoholic drinks to provide a range of flavours.

Non-alcoholic cocktails are usually made fresh as opposed to pre-bottled wines or beers. Mocktails are also very healthy and energetic. Besides, mocktail incorporates a spectrum of flavors and colors to deliver a fantastic taste experience without alcohol.

Sparkling juices

These sparkling beverages tend to make your summer celebration special with the best flavours and taste. Sparkling juices are prepared by the same fermentation process that is used for making sparkling wine. This makes a great alternative to wine or beer as they have the same bubbles.

Simply screw off the cap, put in a straw, and you have a healthy drink that can be enjoyed on the beach, at a party, or during an outdoor function. You can make the drink more interesting by pouring it into a wine glass.

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Lemonades for weight loss

Healthy Drink

Lemonade is one of the healthiest and the best alternative drinks to beer and wine. This beverage contains water with fresh lemon juice. It can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

It’s important to follow both portion control and food plan for weight loss. But, it’s also important to drink lemonade for weight loss and above all it’s a healthy drink.

This is one of the health drinks that have many more benefits including better digestion, better focus, and boosting energy levels.

To make it work more effectively, you can add ginger and honey.


Healthy drink for weight loss

This healthy drink is a fermented sparkling drink that is prepared from black or green tea and sprinkling bacteria.

This drink has gained massive popularity amongst consumers looking for the best alternatives to beer and wine. This drink has many antioxidant properties and is very popular among the young generation.

Wrap up

Apart from above, there are many more options that you can enjoy in place of wine and beer to cool off this summer. These alternatives are the best means to relax, socialize and celebrate during any season.

Enjoy your alcohol-free party! Happy summers!

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