The 1-2-3-4 Food Plan

Are you ready to improve your eating habits to live a healthier lifestyle?

You must be wondering what’s the point of joining a Food Plan when you are already eating food which looks good to you. Well, you might be eating plenty of food, but the question is, are you eating food that gives your body the nutrients you need to be heathy? Are you doing enough physical activity to stay fit and burn those extra calories?

The Maximus 1-2-3-4 Food Plan is a common sense approach to eating for you, for life. Everyone is different and this plan evolves with you over the first 4 weeks to suit your tastes and your lifestyle.

So - What Makes This Food Plan Different?

  • Where most plans start with 500 recipes of which you will only use a small percentage, we start the other way, with little variety and add to it as we go. We add the foods that you like, making this plan, your plan, whilst most importantly concentrating on portion size.

  • The only way to put on weight without any medical conditions is through overeating. Many people are in denial about this and you will often hear people say that they hardly eat, but they still put on weight. Body fat is only stored through the accumulation of too many calories.

  • Its not about spending hours in the gym, trying to burn off the fat, in fact its quite the opposite. In order to get you back to exercise, in the first instance the plan concentrates on losing the weight, through simple portion control and doing what everyone was born to do, simply walk!

  • Once you sign up to the plan, you will have a video conference with Ben, who will talk you through your personalised plan. Once you have started you will have Ben or one of Ben’s team as your personal food coach to support you through your journey.


  • The only way to put on weight (without any medical conditions) is through overeating!
  • Body fat is only stored through the accumulation of too many calories.
  • There is no need for intensive exercise in order to lose weight, exercise can increase hunger through exertion.
  • Walking will be enough in the beginning to help you get active and lose the pounds.
  • Eating less and moving more is simple and effective!