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Ashleigh Belcher

4 Weeks 10lbs Loss

Clothes that didn’t fit now do 😀 If you are looking to get your eating habits in control and still managing to live a normal life this is the food plan for you !
Ashleigh has decided to continue after her first 4 weeks as she’s really happy with her progress. Slowly removing that guilty association with certain food . Smashing plan, went for afternoon tea and had some cake …who cares . Cake tastes good 😀 and when you have a food coach that helps you along the way it will take more than a bit of cake to ruin your week if you know how to keep the balance ! 😀❤️👊🏼🌎🏋🏼‍♂️

Charlotte Partner

7 Weeks – 9lbs Loss

So many great results coming in at the moment 😀 Charlotte has really focused on how good she’s feeling rather than the numbers on the scales . She did get slightly frustrated at one point but we kept it going, focusing on getting the walks in and not overthinking the numbers . Dropped a dress size which gave her a massive confidence boost. And here we are…great change starting to show !

Amy Gardner

6 Weeks 1 Stone Loss

Before I start …yes it’s the same person with a new tattoo, so please just don’t 🖐🏼 Look at these man…6 weeks just 6 weeks !! Tried numerous different methods before signing up with me. Then all it’s taken is a small amount of time on a sustainable plan that doesn’t cut out any food groups, count calories or have you training like a nut case 😀
I approached Ben after having my second son as completely lost control of my eating, I over ate, ate the wrong things and put on a lot of weight. I had tried lots of different diets and training which hadn’t always worked. In 6 weeks on the 1234 food plan I’ve lost a stone, I’ve learned how to control my portions again and what not to eat and absolutely love the foods I get to eat with this plan, I look forward to my porridge 👍 I haven’t had to spend hours in a gym just simple walking, the pictures speak for themselves, I feel I have more energy and completely changed my body shape, I’ve now started introducing bens workouts and love them, love the 1234 FoodPlan and will be sad when it ends ❤️❤️❤️  

Isobel Burton

4 Weeks – 7 lbs Loss

1st point I need to make is the before picture is from last year after Isobel and finished 8 months on steroid treatment for chronic illness. She was happy for me to post to help others in a similar position to see that she has now started to shift her weight she gained from being on treatment😀 Really happy that she’s found a plan she can use without restricting herself to extremes. I signed up to the 1234 FoodPlan after a family member recommended it to me and I’m so pleased I went for it! I’ve always struggled to find diets and exercises that work for me due to having a chronic illness and could never seem to shift the medication weight gain that came with it! I’ve now lost 7lbs in the past 4 weeks and I couldn’t be happier with the kick start this plan has given me! It’s very flexible and I still had the odd takeaway. I’m ready to continue on my own and see how much closer I can get to my goal! I cannot recommend enough🤩💪🏽

Nathan Russell

1234 and help from his little grass of a girlfriend Holly Conaway 😂 Nathan had promised Holly for a good few months that he’d sign up to do the plan with her and in August he finally did!!
Holly was great at letting me know if he wasn’t drinking water and knocking back red bulls, so the man didn’t have a hope in hell of getting anything past me ! Forgot he had to send food pictures for the 1st few days but slowly got in the habit and was already smashing it anyway 💪🏼 He cut out the beers, reduced takeaways and started eating healthier meals and introducing portion control !!! What a result 😃😃 4 weeks Not sure exactly what he lost as he’s gone swanning off on a jolly and is ignoring my texts 😆

Devin Moller

12 Weeks & 35lbs Loss

Using 8 weeks result pics as hasn’t got updated ones but has lost more since these pics 😀 Great 12 weeks, learning how to control his eating habits whilst still enjoying food and lost a load of weight in the process !!
Morning Ben, so my weigh in today, another 2 pounds lost 💪 So I think I’m ready to try and manage this, and see if I can give it a go on my own… I’m feeling pretty darn disciplined 💪 Thank you for changing my way of thinking on food, and for keeping me in line! It’s been incredible! 35 pounds in 12 weeks! I’m so happy! 💪 I know where you are if I need that extra push, and will definitely keep you posted in my weight loss journey! It’s been awesome! Thanks so much Ben 👌 Duration: 12 weeks Weight Loss: 35lbs loss 😀❤️👊🏼🌎🏋🏼‍♂️

Emma Marsh

4 Weeks 12lbs Loss

Come to me wanting to drop weight after having her second child . She did the right thing in telling me she was still breastfeeding so we had a good chat over FaceTime to make sure we got it right. If we lowered calories too much her milk supply would have slowed. Kept me informed if she had any change to her milk so we could adjust things . “Think it’s important that women get the right advice when breastfeeding and trying to lose weight as you have to do it properly!”
And here we are 4 weeks later and continuing on plan ! Duration : 4 weeks Weight Loss : 12lbs loss !

Shane Hurwood

10 Weeks 3 Stone 2lbs Down

1234 and Bootcamp with Daz Hennessy 10 weeks ago Shane started on 1234 FoodPlan after gaining weight over time . This goes to show what you can achieve . Not a quick fix , changing your lifestyle so you can continue to make progress and keep the weight off !
Mate I couldn’t be any happier with how its going. Spent years just slowly adding on more and more weight so to see it dropping off in the time it has has been brilliant. Duration: 10 weeks Weight Loss : 3 stone 2lbs off 😀❤️👊🏼🌎🏋🏼‍♂️

Marc Sid Serdet

5 Weeks 8lbs Down

Marc messaged in July and said he had signed and was ready to start once he was home from his holiday . He did that but Marc has a habit of leaving me now and then 😂 Anyway he’s still smashing it and we are going to get him to where he wants to be 💪🏼 It’s not about who can drop the most weight the quickest it’s learning to find a way to do it that suits you long term.
If you have fallen off don’t ever be embarrassed just to message and get started again . Weight loss is a personal journey for everyone and everyone’s different ! Weight Loss : 8lbs Down 😀❤️👊🏼🌎🏋🏼‍♂️

Claire Wilmo

6 Weeks 7lbs Loss !!

Amazing what you can achieve in 6 weeks . Signed up on 1234 Food Plan after seeing results from others and wanted to give it a go herself . Sent me a PDF file of her food intolerance and we tweak things as we go . Still enjoyed meals out , odd glass of fizz but keeps her walking up. Another client really happy with how they are learning the it better without depriving themselves ! 😀❤️👊🏼🌎🏋🏼‍♂️

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