Andrea Chesterman & Tasha Miles


weight loss

Andrea Chesterman Team lockdown! Felt like we all helped each other through the difficult weeks that have passed recently! Originally had the usual plan of getting eating sorted and losing weight...then lockdown happened. All agreed to carry on as the danger of food getting out of control was real!!! A real team effort for these two good friends and they helped each other every step of the way! Andrea was a real slow loser amd was often frustrated at her progress but as it is very often scales and pics say a different story which is why you should never compare to others! Had the best fun with this! 12 Weeks 10lbs Loss.   Tasha Miles said this.... Morning 👋🏼 just out in Windsor doing my steps! 😂 -1.5lbs today! Wish I had made it 2lbs from the gain last week but I’m happy. 15.5lbs loss overall! I’m going to self manage from here on Ben, but really appreciate the help and advice! Although I still have a bad day here and there I’m not eating or more importantly wanting half as much crap food as what I used to eat. Am actually more happy about my mindset than I am about the loss - as i wouldn’t dream of eating a packet of biscuits now which used to be my norm! Andrea pics below and her comments. I’ve decided I’d like to carry on for another 4 weeks if that’s ok? 2 reasons... 1. so I can get to my first target of a stone loss. 2. to carry on to support you as I can’t begin to imagine how much your business has suffered but so grateful for all your help. Would really be great to hit that 1 stone target - even if it does take me another 4 weeks to lose 4lbs 😂 12 Weeks. 15.5lbs Loss.