Ali Medland – 12 Week – 1Stone 4lbs Down


12 weeks on the 1234 and what a transformation !!! Struggled to lose weight in the past or would see a loss for a couple of weeks, then hit a wall with it and give up . She was really quite fed up. So then she signed up on plan . We worked through the weeks that she didn’t see as much gone on the scales as she would have liked . She got to know her body and what works for her and that even if the scales aren’t showing a massive drop each week change was still happening . Even managed to convert her from wine to gin 😁 Has a completely different outlook on food and weight loss to when we started! ‘This programme has kept me focused . You have got me enjoying walking, doing workouts and thinking about what I eat far more sensibly ! ‘ She’s now going to apply what she has learnt and self manage . She’s going to keep me posted when she gets to her next target . 12 weeks 1 stone 4 lbs down