Amy Gardner


weight loss

18 Weeks

No filters! Just progress! 18 weeks of moving more and eating less. No supplements, no hero workouts for the gram and smashing it!
It’s not as hard as you think! Getting a Food coach will help you in the right direction and help you with every step of the way! The good days and the bad days are shared which can be the difference with staying on plan! Just having someone there with you to build confidence will make the decision to lose weight that so much easier!

6 Weeks 1 Stone Loss

Before I start ...yes it’s the same person with a new tattoo, so please just don’t 🖐🏼 Look at these man...6 weeks just 6 weeks !! Tried numerous different methods before signing up with me. Then all it’s taken is a small amount of time on a sustainable plan that doesn’t cut out any food groups, count calories or have you training like a nut case 😀
I approached Ben after having my second son as completely lost control of my eating, I over ate, ate the wrong things and put on a lot of weight. I had tried lots of different diets and training which hadn’t always worked. In 6 weeks on the 1234 food plan I’ve lost a stone, I’ve learned how to control my portions again and what not to eat and absolutely love the foods I get to eat with this plan, I look forward to my porridge 👍 I haven’t had to spend hours in a gym just simple walking, the pictures speak for themselves, I feel I have more energy and completely changed my body shape, I’ve now started introducing bens workouts and love them, love the 1234 FoodPlan and will be sad when it ends ❤️❤️❤️ ========================================

Self managing

but jumped on messenger to let me know how she’s doing on her own. Amy did 8 weeks with me and in that time she has learnt a new way of eating that suits her . So cool !!! Hey Ben just wanted to give you another update stayed on plan all this week and continuing to still love the plan just another photo for you 👍👍 training going well and started introducing heavier weights this week 💪💪💪 at the moment finding it still enjoyable, still had a few treats here and there but nothing that’s going to effect it which is what I love, will keep weighing each week and just maintain now love it 😍 ====================================

28 Weeks & Now Managing on her own

We first spoke in august last year and got her signed up straight away, she had a goal and smashed it out the park! Just dropped a message in saying she’s still following the plan and enjoying the change in lifestyle and the benefits it brings!
Love these so much! Makes me very proud to be helping so many with their eating!
God was it really doesn’t seem that long ago, just goes to show it’s not a diet, can’t thank you enough 🤩👍👍