Andy Powell


6 months 41lbs weight loss

Signing off after 6 months 😀
Andy and his wife were told about the plan by their son. I got them booked in for a FaceTime and we set out food and activity. Andy started taking food into work with him and got some portion control in. No need to use shakes or any form of meal replacement. We achieved this by eating less and moving more !!
He stayed consistent with sending his food pictures in and at just under 3 stone down he is ready to sign off and self manage.
What a Transformation just in 6 months all thanks to Maximus 1 2 3 4 food plan plus Ben if it wasn’t for the plan I would not be where I am today. Start weight was 14 stone and 10 and a quarter now I am 11 stone and 11 pounds so thank you very very much 👍👍
Feeling bloody great”
Weight Loss –41lbs down
Duration –6 Months