Anna Gillard



12 Weeks 30lbs Weight Loss

The determination from Anna is incredible. We were getting great results and then she tore her calf muscle a few weeks back and was in a boot. Advised her to rest and just keep portions good but she wasn’t happy that she couldn’t carry on with walking so opted for swimming instead.
When you really want something you aren’t afraid to work for it and that’s exactly what Anna is doing ! Still has a great social life but makes good choices with food and is in control. So many friends had success on 1234 plan with Ben. I was petrified that the press were reporting that overweight people were more at risk of complications with COVID-19 that I knew I had to act and change my ways. Over the years I’ve literally tried everything and not found anything that worked long term. I started the plan in June and haven’t looked back. Just signed up for another 12 weeks 😀 12 weeks 30lbs down !!! 😀❤️👊🏼🏋🏼‍♂️🌎