Anonymous 1234 FoodPlan Client


Message I received last night from one of my clients that is on a three-month plan . Tried so many different methods over the years and after 4 weeks on the 1234 this is what she has achieved. It’s so much more than just numbers on the scales and we really do our best to take each individual's journey onboard. Hey Ben. I just wanted to send you a message to say thank you. I’ve only been doing this plan for 4 weeks, but I already feel different. I feel better. My mental health is better. I feel like I’m relinquishing my emotional attachment to food. I’m getting 5 hours of solid sleep a night, which I haven’t been able to achieve in years. I have battled with my weight for so long and I’ve tried every diet out there. But I finally feel I’m onto something sustainable. I never dreamed I’d be able to cope with the PT, but I’m already upping my sessions to 2x per week. I have such a long way to go, but the videos of others who are on the 1234 path are inspiring me to push myself. I know you’re gutted that the gym can’t open yet, but the way you are supporting your community throughout these challenging times in such an inclusive way is so admirable. I’m excited to see how far I can go. You guys rock 🙂 You know I’m pretty private and I’m not much of a sharer, but I’m totally happy if you want to share my feedback. I’m super self-conscious, but will do anything I can to support your methods and your ethos, because I truly believe in it. So if you feel like sharing that message anonymously, you have my blessing to do so. I cried tonight. Literally sobbed for ages. But not because I’m frustrated or unhappy with myself, but because I have hope. I finally believe I can change my lifestyle. You and your team have enabled this in 4 short weeks. I have finally found where I need to be and I have the confidence to continue on this path, no matter how hard. Thank you, thank you, thank you