Ashleigh Belcher


Weight Loss

8 Weeks 10lbs Loss

Removing the guilty association to food, that has been built up over the years . Ashleigh has tried ALOT of plans previously to lose weight and with that she had got in a habit of categorizing food as good or bad but that’s not something I want my clients to do. If there’s a meal out or a café breakfast enjoy and we will work together to balance the day. We are not afraid of carbs and we use the scales as a guide and focus on how she is feeling and these amazing comparison photos!! Just signed up again as she is really happy and wants to keep going !

4 Weeks 10lbs Loss

Clothes that didn’t fit now do 😀 If you are looking to get your eating habits in control and still managing to live a normal life this is the food plan for you !
Ashleigh has decided to continue after her first 4 weeks as she’s really happy with her progress. Slowly removing that guilty association with certain food . Smashing plan, went for afternoon tea and had some cake ...who cares . Cake tastes good 😀 and when you have a food coach that helps you along the way it will take more than a bit of cake to ruin your week if you know how to keep the balance ! 😀❤️👊🏼🌎🏋🏼‍♂️