Becca Van Der Poel


4 Weeks 11lbs Loss

weight loss

It was time to hand herself in were her exact words! After every method known to man to lose weight it was sustainability and to improve her relationship with food that was top of her list. I told her to trust me that if we nail that then the rest will look after itself, i.e. her weight. So many concentrate just on the weight loss itself as a number rather than the method. The method takes you were you need to be!
I’m very proud of her effort on this!
But honestly thank you, I couldn’t have done the first month without you and your support. Here’s to another month of losing! No you’re right! I’m actually so proud of myself!! I think the issue Is I hate how I look in pictures which is what I want to get away from!😀
First week of maintaining and a little reminder of what she has already achieved was needed. If the scales don’t change one week there is no need to jack it in! The human body has no idea what 7 days is. If you are on plan it will drop. A heavier food weekend than normal was also discussed and then a clearer perspective on a maintain is then realised. Her relationship with food is already a million times better than it was!
The advantage of having a food coach! Nothing is won or more importantly lost in a week! It’s a lifestyle change! Stay cool! Stay on plan! Look how far you have come man!