Becki Poulton


Before and After Pic

Came to gym but was very aware her back had been sore for a long time and was making her very unhappy. We booked a pt session to see how she moves and what she was able to do. I advised that she saw physio Mick Quinn who put her on the right path to getting it sorted. 1pt a week, followed every bit of advice I gave her, walked loads and started to believe in herself more that she could do this! and she has! It’s most definatly nice to find somewhere to workout where theres absolutely no judgement. I’ve walked into many of gyms where it feels like they’re reading out of a manual, getting non results whilst watching my money go down the drain. I’ve never achieved losing more than 7lbs when on slimming world or gyms. I’ve never been asked what exercise I enjoy or what food I like to eat before… that was so strange to hear. I just wanted to say chocolate 🤣 and as for recommending someone to me for my back… I didn’t think I’d ever get it sorted! Certainly helps when you have someone who believes in you before you do yourself. So, thank you! 7 weeks on plan. 14lbs down.