Becky McLean


12 Weeks 1 stone weight loss

Another client that has reached their target weight 😀 Becky set out to improve her eating habits but she needed it to be something she could stick to and learn to apply herself.
Hasn’t sent every picture the last couple of weeks but has self managed and got to her 1 stone target !!
Just completed 12 weeks on plan  and my total weight loss is 1 stone - what a plan it is 👌 so easy to follow, no measuring and tracking calories and things that make it feel a chore and that you want to give up - I’m now to my target weight and feel I can now move to the app or try self manage...can’t thank you enough Ben!! Feeling so much better and can’t believe I actually did it and didn’t give up and that’s down to you guys - amazing!! Thanks so much x
Duration : 12 weeks
Total Weight Loss : 1 Stone Down