Brooke Tedder


Weight Loss

This is the process that will set you free from the frustrating misinformation that is bombarded at you daily! Eat this! Eat that! Lift! Hit! Etc! We advocate losing weight first then as weight comes down increase exercise as you go. Brooke started this with the 1234 plan then went on to PT with Jay Penson
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Here’s what Brooke had to say!
“The before was when I was at my biggest and probably most miserable and anxious and I’m now the complete opposite and the happiest I’ve ever been. I now eat more than ever and I train 3-5 times a week with no anxiety around it either which is a massive thing for me! Doing pt sessions with Jay has really given me the love for the gym I needed, and the food plan with Ben has really changed my perspective on food! Both Jay and Ben have changed everything for me, they are the best people if you need the kick up the arise!”

24 lbs Loss

1234! Pt with Jay Penson ! Love it when someone who smashed results on plan with me drops me a message saying she’s self managing and still losing weight! It’s actually crazy! I honestly couldn’t thank you enough! Yes of course you can post it, I’m self managing by still keeping my water intake high and just trying to make good food choices and still having balance I’ve had a few gins and takeaways in this time frame but my body needed it (that’s what I tell myself anyways) I’ve been trying to still hit a step goal every day while at work. It’s such an easy thing to keep up when it’s a lifestyle change x ========================================================

8 Weeks 1 Stone Down

1234 and PT with Jay Penson Brooke is a great example of showing this plan can work around a busy schedule and eating on the go a lot . If eating out we focused on making sure she didn’t over it . smashed PT with Jay and she’s now feeling confident to continue alone .
The experience of doing the 1234 plan was amazing, it was so easy to pick up good eating habits after having a really bad relationship with food over the last 2 or more years because of the support that you get throughout. I’ve managed to shift weight I never thought I would have done, my energy is so much better than before and my mental health has improved dramatically. So all round this has been one of the best choices I’ve made and I couldn’t thank you enough!