Candy Wiltshire


Weight Loss

8 Weeks - 1 Stone 2lbs Down

Finishing 8 weeks and has had amazing results! Candy wanted to lose some weight for her wedding , went through several pairs of trainers and can now run up and downstairs without breaking a sweat. Tried everything before and nothing worked. She’s spent a fortune cos she’s had to buy a whole new wardrobe !! Been a pleasure working with Candy and photos speak for themselves !!
Hands down this has been the best thing I have Done and completely changed my life!.... Struggling to ever diet and lose weight before I was worried that I wouldn’t have the will power to stick to it but Ben has been amazing and When I was struggling he got me back on track! I’m never going to touch another diet or shake in my life now!! I’ve got so much more energy I feel so much more confident and I’m more than ready to smash the rest of this weight loss! Thank you so so much!!