Candy Wiltshire


Weight Loss Journey

6 Weeks, 1 Stone Down

When you’ve tried over and over to find a good way to drop some weight and get in control and then you find the 1234 😀 Still going but sent me this as she felt confident enough at this point . Just read what she said man , great progress 🎉
Finally got the balls to take a picture and compare it to the picture I took on the 1st day I started this and I’m buzzing about it I know I’ve still got ALONG way to go but it’s boosted my confidence and I’m almost ready to want to go back and try that wedding dress on again!! Mate I’m like almost in tears I’ve tried so many times and nothing has ever worked I’ve been to the doctors the lot you have no idea how grateful I am you've given me a bit of the old me back again got my sparkle back!! Thank you so much!!!! 6 weeks in 1 stone down