Carl Glassar


8 Weeks 19lbs weight loss

When you do something to keep your wife happy and support her with no intention of actually enjoying it...but then you realise it’s a game changer. In just 8 weeks total weight loss is 19lbs!!!
This review of time on plan really made me laugh! What an honest man πŸ˜‚
First started this 8 weeks ago with the view to keeping my wife quiet about dieting, thought I could do it for a couple of days then she would leave me alone, well how wrong I was, the results where instant the food didn't change just portion sizes which I really didn't have an issue with. The longer it went in the more weight I lost and visually. I feel a lot healthier too. This is something I never thought I could pull off but with the help of Maximus 1234 it was a breeze. I'm going to continue on my journey and get to my desired weight. Thanks Ben Rickwood topman you have change my life.πŸ‘
Duration : 8 weeks
Total Weight Loss : 19lbs Down