Charlotte Miller


1/2 Stone Down.

lose weight

Charlotte had done the plan before but as with many of us she noticed old habits creeping back in and knew it was time to hand herself in for a quick 4 weeks of accountability. Started sending pictures and found it really easy going. Down half a stone and ready to self manage again 😀
I had such success with the 1234 food plan, then I had a couple of really bad off plan months!! Anyway, I went back on for a month just to get my mojo back and remind myself how easy the plan is and how silly it is to pile the weight back on. I will take it from here! Thanks Ben. =============================================================
1234, walks and a bit of hula hooping.
Intense workouts and carb cutting not getting you the results you had hoped for ? Read this !! I had tried pretty much every flaky diet plan but they never worked long-term. The 1234 plan had been recommended to me by various people over the last few years but I still thought I could do it alone. I couldn’t!
I signed up and couldn’t believe the foods I could eat and still lose weight! I enjoy the walking rather than doing a manic workout which leaves me craving a takeaway binge. I’m so much happier in myself mentally as well as starting to love my body! Thanks Ben!!

16lbs Down