Chelsea Sands


16 Weeks 46 pounds weight loss

chelsea sands

She isn’t stopping here, watch this space 💪
Weight Loss –46 Pounds down
Duration – 16 weeks

12 weeks 16kg weight loss

Through isolation, drunken disasters and some low days on motivation Chelsea has still smashed this.
Walks and then some PT sessions in the gym 🏋️‍♀️
Massive progress
Right so, lockdown was tough for many people however I got to the biggest I’ve ever been. I hated looking at myself in photos and videos because of how big I looked. I looked bigger then my sister in law who was pregnant with twins 😱I then moved and finally started shifting some weight but it just wasn’t good enough. So I turned to Ben again. I had done the 1,2,3,4 before and I knew it worked for me! Quick call with Ben and we sorted what foods I’d be eating. 12 weeks later and I’m 16 kg down! Never would I post a full body pic of me as I felt so uncomfortable however recently I’ve been able to upload photos and not feel like a slob! Looking forward to the next 4 weeks ! 💪
Weight Loss –16kg down
Duration – 12 weeks

8 Weeks 16lbs weight loss

Record for most hangovers whilst on plan, whilst enjoying the Euro’s ! Here’s an insight to how it’s gone
“Ahh man yesterday was a hard day! Safe to say I was extremely hungover”
“Hey mate sorry i have the worst hangover ever”
“Sorry mate, yesterday shit day. Hangover was the worst one I’ve had !”
“The hangover is bad and this is all I can get down me 😩 I can’t even move 😭
As you can see it’s been an emotional 8 weeks 😀 By some grace of god and a really good foodplan 😉 Chelsea lost over a stone and has signed up again to keep this going!
“Started back up with the 1,2,3,4 as it’s the only diet that I can follow. Been on plan again for 8 weeks now and once again finding it so easy to follow even with the amount of alcohol I have consumed over the euros 🤣 best thing about this diet is I don’t have to eat boring food and can mix things up☺️
Weight Loss –16lbs down
Duration –8weeks