Claire Chiswell – 12 Weeks – 34 lbs Down


When you sign up to the 1234 as you’re suppose to be going to loads of cool events during the summer, like hen do’s and weddings and then you get stuck in a ‘global pandemic’ but decide to carry on and smash it anyway !!😀 Hasn’t been the easiest of times adjusting, few stressful situations along the way but she’s continued to make progress . Walking, few home workouts and making sure her portions are good has been key to this getting this result . Takeaways have been eaten in this time and vodka has made an appearance now and then but it’s all been balanced 👍🏼 Back to PT now with and signed up on plan again for more guidance (someone to answer to 😂) Great result so far . 12 weeks 34lbs !!!!!