Claire Weller


8 Weeks 15.5lbs weight down

Claire had spent a couple of months working out 4 times a week to get her weight loss but wasn’t seeing any difference on the scales.
She decided to give the plan a go and now over 1 stone down 😀💪🏼
So after seeing a friend do the maximus1234 plan I decided to give it ago, I’d spent the whole of jan/feb working out hard 4 times a week and lost nothing.
In my first week on the plan I lost 5lbs and couldn’t believe it. Such a easy plan to follow, Still had treats and occasional takeaway.
Done 8 weeks and looking forward to the next 4 weeks on the plan. Bens a great support to keep you motivated, Thanks Ben.
Duration : 8 weeks
Total Weight Loss : 15.5lbs Down