Craig Ormston


Before and After Pic

Came to me at a weight of 31 stone. Drinking way too much after the death of his father and was on verge of type 2 diabetes and blood pressure problems. He had a wedding he wanted to get in shape and be healthy for and realised that being in his late 40’s his lifestyle at the time was greatly affecting his quality of life. We started very slowly with pt sessions and just cutting back on food every two weeks on the plan. The drinking stopped and his frame of mind dramatic,y changed into a positive frame of mind. 4.30 am pt sessions were now 4 times a week and the weight camp off safely and at a streaky pace. 18 months later he was 7 stone down and wedding ready. Self manages food now, put on a stone after the wedding but has maintained weight and fitness for over a year now. Admits that he was slowly killing himself and today is a different person.