Dean Lewis


Weight Loss

7stone 10lbs loss

Perseverance pays off
Last week was tough for Dean. Got on the scales with a gain in weight. At first took it quite hard which is to be expected after such consistent success. We sat down and made a few slight tweaks which paid dividend on today’s weigh in. Very happy to see Dean bust a move with a big smile on his face!
Started July.

20 Weeks, 5 Stone 10lbs Down

In July Dean was admitted to hospital weighing nearly 32stone. Suffering with a arterial flutter were the top half of the heart is working harder than the bottom. He had blood pooling at the bottom of his legs forcing fluid out the skin making life very uncomfortable. By his own admission walking more than 20 yards put a tremendous amount of stress on his body. It was his last chance as the Dr. said and words that rung very true to him.
Wesley Bryan weight loss story was the reason he got into contact with me and Dan Case-elson got it sorted that he popped in to see us. Dean had been following Wes on Facebook and decided he would put his health and trust in our hands. This I think is very cool!
So weigh in today! Skips into the gym, smashed out a 30 min PT session outside and we are now in the 25stone bracket! We have a great laugh doing this, dean says now he feels like a different person, walking every day, sleeping well, eating well and hitting the gym! So proud of him man!!
Duration: Started July
Weight Loss: 5 stone 10lbs loss