Debbie Spencer


Weight Loss

What an achievement! Deb had given up on the idea of changing her eating habits and losing weight until she noticed her daughters were starting to follow her eating habits. With this in mind she got in contact and we got her on plan. Didn’t focus too much on what she was eating to start with but just how much. Introduced some walks in and didn’t let a bad day throw the entire week off. We aren’t stopping here, this is a lifestyle change and doing it for her family is keeping her determined.
So I don't often post personal stuff but just wanted to share with everyone how happy I am with my personal weight loss journey.....
I've been very overweight for years and in recent years with limited mobility its even harder to shift any pounds and i had given up tbh, unfortunately I noticed my daughters are piling on the weight too so I decided to turn things around and try and be a good role model/ with family support and Ben Rockwood's help and support as my food coach and his amazing 1234 food plan I have lost just over 2 stone so far ...and my girls are losing weight too💕 I am so happy and its easy and I feel healthier happier and feel like I am doing something great for my family and myself. I am only at the beginning of my journey but with Bens help I know I cant fail.💯