Debs Lok


12 Weeks 28lbs weight loss

Debs decided it was time to take some control back after putting on some weight with the change of routine during lockdown.
She didn’t want a plan with confusing calorie counting or having to follow recipes.
We did this all on foods she likes and it’s going really well. 2 stone off !!!
Like most people, during lockdown I put on weight and was struggling to stop the pounds climbing up. I heard about the 1234 meal plan and it has worked for me. It’s really easy to follow, with no complicated recipes or food weighing. I’m still shocked by how much weight I have lost. 12 weeks done, 28lbs down! Definitely going to keep this up, my aim is to lose another 12lbs to reach a healthier weight for me. If you’ve been struggling, give the 1234 meal plan a go, if you listen to Ben and the gang, you will see results.
Weight Loss –28lbs down
Duration –12weeks