Denise Fitzpatrick-Cox


12 Weeks - 47lbs Loss

weight Loss

12 weeks ago Denise messaged me asking for some information about the plan. She had heard good things and decided it was something she thought she could stick to. This has been a really positive change for Denise, her health was starting to suffer so she used that as her driving force to get things going. We got a plan in place and introduced light exercise making sure that she was getting the balance right with food and activity. What an incredible achievement in the first 12 weeks . This is life changing stuff . Looking forward to seeing where the next 12 takes us !

Started the plan 12 weeks ago and it has been the best thing I have ever done. The Maximus 1234 Food Plan has really saved my life!. Looking at the pictures it’s very scary at how I looked and how my health was so bad. Having coronavirus and being diagnosed with diabetes this year was definitely the kick I needed to sort myself out. The plan is so easy to follow 3 meals and a snack and I can honestly say I have never been hungry. I have even had meals out and still managed to lose weight. The walking I absolutely love. Working at a desk all day I just get out in my lunch break and absolutely love the exercise and fresh air. Still a long way to go for me but I can’t thank Ben and the maximus 1234 plan enough. Ben you have been amazing and I can’t thank you enough. Here’s to the next 12 weeks !!!!

Duration: 12 weeks Weight Loss: 47lbs loss !!!