Devin Moller


weight loss Journey

12 Weeks & 35lbs Loss

Using 8 weeks result pics as hasn’t got updated ones but has lost more since these pics 😀 Great 12 weeks, learning how to control his eating habits whilst still enjoying food and lost a load of weight in the process !!
Morning Ben, so my weigh in today, another 2 pounds lost 💪 So I think I’m ready to try and manage this, and see if I can give it a go on my own... I’m feeling pretty darn disciplined 💪 Thank you for changing my way of thinking on food, and for keeping me in line! It’s been incredible! 35 pounds in 12 weeks! I’m so happy! 💪 I know where you are if I need that extra push, and will definitely keep you posted in my weight loss journey! It’s been awesome! Thanks so much Ben 👌 Duration: 12 weeks Weight Loss: 35lbs loss 😀❤️👊🏼🌎🏋🏼‍♂️