Dominique Pyett


4 Weeks 8lbs weight loss

Needed a kick start to get her eating in check so jumped on plan for 4 weeks. Small frame so doesn’t need to drop a lot of weight but definitely wanted some accountability. There were meals out and the occasional boozy weekend but we made it work and Dominique is really happy with the results and that her clothes are fitting better. Going to get in the gym not to keep the progress going.
I’ve really enjoyed the plan and found it so easy to follow. The weekends are definitely the hardest but i found as long as I kept walking I could afford to have the odd treat and still loose. It’s a really motivating feeling when clothes start to fit again and I needed the support of the plan to kick me off and keep me on the straight and narrow. Now I feel ready to go it alone but if I start getting out of control I’ll definitely book back on. Im hoping to continue to keep loosing and toning now in the gym. Cheers Maximus 👍🎉☺️
Weight Loss –8lbs down
Duration –4weeks