Emma Adair


9 Weeks  23lbs Down

weight loss

How good is this ! Worked with Emma over the last 9 weeks to get her meals and exercise to compliment each other. She had a trip away at the start of plan and then another one, so we just went what was going to work for her but not make her feel like she was missing out whilst she was away. She’s two dress sizes down and has signed up again for 4 weeks as she is finding the accountability really works for her 😀 Despite being away for 2 holidays and having a number of social events Ben has made this super simple and easy to follow! As easy as 1234! Absolutely over the moon looking and feeling great! My skin is so much healthier and I've learnt a new and healthier way of enjoying food! Thank you Ben, couldn't have done it without you !! 🙏 here's to the next 4 weeks

Duration: 9 weeks Weight Loss: 23lbs down (2 dress sizes) down !!!