Emma bramwell


20 Weeks 2 stone weight loss

20 weeks in total, and 2 stone now lost, and am well chuffed! Proud of what I've achieved and all without 'dieting'!!! Thanks Ben for all your help and advice, listening to me sound off and encouraging me! I didn't realise how fed up I was lol. Now to continue this journey solo!! I kbow that I can do it, but I also know if I get in a rutt and things aren't going so well I will be in touch for another round!!!

Weight Loss – 2 stone down
Duration – 20 weeks

4 Weeks 13lbs weight loss

If you have been smashing loads of exercise in a hope to lose weight and seeing no change, please please read this !!
Like with Emma we can help you to get the lbs off in the right way.
As with a huge number of people, I had gained a fair amount of weight during recent lockdowns and despite trying my hardest to loose this by eating sensibly, running three times a week and bootcamp sessions, the pounds were not shifting! I had seen a friend of mine like 1234 on FB and I messaged her for an honest opinion! She gave me that and from there that gave me the confidence to contact Ben!
I, like others, was very skeptical about how only walking five times a week and the amount of food I could eat would work...I mean walking and chocolate to loose weight???!!!
I'm not into gushing about 'life changing' experiences, but in the instance 1234 has really changed mine and my families day to day eating and exercise!
I LOVE walking and go most days, gives me great mind space! l LOVE what I'm eating and also retraining my mind on how I see and eat food and what I LOVE the most is that its working!!!
Having Ben as a crutch is amazing, and actually having someone say 'if you want to smash a big mac in your face, have it' well it makes you not want it!
Four weeks in and 13lbs lost...buzzing. Feeling positive about the next eight weeks!
Thanks Ben 😊
Weight Loss – 13lbs down
Duration – 4 weeks