Emma Ray


Weight Loss

8 Weeks - 28lbs Down

I’m going to be that person I always used to think oh god cringe but I don’t care!! The last 9 months to a year have been my toughest yet I was lost didn’t know where to turn, I would lay in bed crying wishing I didn’t have to drag my sorry ares out of bed... I became a lazy selfish parent looking back where I was having the darkest times and really and truly not wanting to motivate myself. I looked back at old times wishing for them back when in all honesty all I needed was right in front of me did, my amazing children my parents and friends. So, one day in lock down after eating way too much as normal and drinking way to much wine to mask that empty feeling my mate Wesley Bryan kept popping up and this one banging picture of  Kaytie Mary Green and I thought fuck it I’m going to do it... I joined the Maximus1234_FoodPlan and it’s honestly changed my life ... I’m happy mentally physically and every single day I am focused and it’s the best thing that has happened to me... thank you #BenRickwood for everything and esp thank you to Dil Baloo for standing by me when I’m unsure how or why you did I couldn’t love you any more than I do. 29lb down in 8 weeks feeling pretty proud


4 Weeks & 1 Stone 4lbs Down

Emma can give herself quite a hard time like many of my clients . She sent these today after completing 4 weeks on plan along with her weight loss and asked me if I thought it was a good result ? So I sent the picture back to her and asked her the same question ! She said ofcourse and that she’s proud of herself , as she should be . I could have just said yes 😆 but I wanted to make sure she had really looked and taken in how well she is doing ! She originally signed up but had to take a little break, come back and is smashing it ! Walks with Wes and now ready to add in some more exercise 😁