Gemma Cornish


The 1234 FoodPlan has had such a positive impact on my life . It’s not just a diet for weight loss . I originally started the plan as I was going to the gym but had stopped seeing changes and I wanted to tone up before my wedding . I’m a working mum of two and day to day life is busy but the plan completely fits around that . It only took 1 week for me to start to notice changes, I had more energy , my skin was clearer and I was sleeping so much better. My night time panic attacks had stopped after week 3 and it was all because I was eating the right foods and not bingeing on high sugar foods like I used to . There’s no counting ‘sins’ or feeling guilty about having a treat you just learn how to be sensible with food. By week 4 I had dropped 6lbs and my shape had changed and body fat massively reduced. The food you need isn’t breaking the bank and is easily incorporated in the weekly, family shop. After just 4 weeks I was confident with the plan and now I do it alone . Gemma Cornish - Part time catering assistant/ Full time legend 💪🏼