Glen Shaddock


4 Weeks 12lbs Down

weight loss

Glen’s wife Leigh Shaddock has done plan before so he decided to give it a go himself.
He had tried other methods before and found them too much to stick to.
Restrict yourself too much and it becomes impossible to keep up with. Still going with Glen but he’s really happy with his results so far. Got into a top he’s got 16months ago but was too small. Family all get involved in the walks and it’s having a really positive impact.
Hi Ben,
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping to loose 12lbs in 4 weeks it’s been a great plan and I’m glad I signed up to the 1234 FoodPlan. I’d tried other fad diets to which none had worked like this’s an easy plan to stick to and if you feel like having a bad day and a cheat meal then do it and just add a bit more time on your walk also thank you for the support and guidance Ben really appreciate it here’s to another 4 weeks.
Duration: 4 weeks
Weight Loss: 12lbs down