Hannah Sparks


Weight Loss

8 Weeks - 62lbs Down

On the recommendation of friend Maddison Laidlaw who had had great success on plan Hannah did 8 weeks with me on plan, lost 27lbs and really got to grips with the theory behind it. Just checked in with me after having signed off in March of this year!
62lbs down! Started at 212 now at 150lbs. I have fallen in love with taking care of my body and loving how it feels as I get healthy. I have found a routine and still treat myself often! Although the process is slowing down as I come closer to my goal it’s still working! Thought you would appreciate a check in and update as it’s still working! To be fair I weighed 212 and started the plan after Maddie suggested what she was eating then o contacted you and carried on so all weight lost was on this plan! Thanks so much credit to the plan so thought I would update you 👌🏻 If you are looking for help to find a way to eat that is sustainable then drop me a message! Maximus Jim Frimley