Happy Client


8 Weeks - 46lbs Down

weight loss

Still not ready for me to tag but confidence is growing. We haven’t had to cut out any food groups or replace meals to get these great weight loss results. Walks and some bike rides for exercise and still eating food that she enjoys.
Another 6lbs gone! Each week it still surprises me how much I’m losing each week!
I’ve never lost this much so soon, couldn’t have done it without you guys so thanks all!
Just took my comparison pics and wow. I’ve changed so much not just physically but mentally and my relationship with food!
Can’t actually believe the difference
Thanks! I’m very pleased! Starting to feel a lot more comfortable in myself now and less self conscious
I’ve been getting lots of comments lately like where’s the other half of you so that’s nice!
*NOTE* before picture taken 4 weeks prior to starting on plan. pictures show more than 46lb lost on plan as the client had lost some on her own before starting.
Duration - 8 weeks
Weight Loss - 46lbs down !!!