Happy Client


4 Weeks 9lbs weight loss

First 4 weeks complete of 12 week sign up .
Starting to really enjoy walking is. Not only is it helping with weight loss but it’s helping with her mood in general. Changing the routine as some days this client wasn’t eating all day and then binging in the evenings. Still going but great start.
Since starting the plan it really hit home how bad my relationship with food had been. I would either overeat or not eat all day and binge in the evenings. I've learnt to keep myself nourished, eating regularly with good food in a portion controlled manner! Eating breakfast has been a game changer for me. The biggest thing I've learnt is how beneficial walking is! It lifts your mood and is really enjoyable. I'm looking forward to the next 4 weeks.
Weight Loss – 9lbs down
Duration –4 weeks