Happy Client


12 Weeks 23lbs weight loss

23lbs down in total and 14lbs difference in picture .
This has been a real turn around in lifestyle. More active, improved relationship with food and a massive improvement to her mental health !!
What a 12 weeks it has been, 23lbs down! I was so lazy beforehand but during my time on the plan I have fallen in love with walking, sometimes even doing two a day! I was nervous I’d be hungry having seen other members portion sizes but honestly it is more than enough - just goes to show how much I was over eating before! Ben and his team are brilliant - they are constantly there and so supportive. They’ll listen to you moan, rant and if you have a slip up, advise what you should do to even things out.
I’ve found being on the plan has helped me lose weight, improved my skin and worked wonders for my mental health. I feel in control and very content. I honestly believe I would have given up after the first few weeks had it not been for Ben and the team, it is much easier knowing someone is there to support you - thank you so much guys!
Weight Loss – 23lbs down
Duration – 12 weeks