Happy Client


8 Weeks & 13lbs Down

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No two clients are the same and for some it’s more than just wanting to lose weight.
This person didn’t have a very healthy relationship with food and it was getting to the point of binges and eating in secret. Happy to say that we have been able to get rid of that guilt and implement a way of over coming the binges.
“Morning!! So today is my last day on the plan and I wanted to give you an update.
It definitely started with a weight loss goal and I wanted to get to Valentines Day and feel sexier and better about myself. But it’s ended up being about so much more. The 1234 Food Plan has completed changed my relationship with food. I’ve always been an emotional eater and I’ve always struggled with guilt over food and even secretly eaten hidden away somewhere. Taking accountability for everything I eat, talking to you about not feeling guilting and learning it’s actually ok to have cheesecake every now and then has created a new healthy relationship with food. I’ve not binged in 8 weeks. I’ve not secretly eaten in a dark corner and I’ve learnt to replace those low feelings of needing food with a walk and some fresh air! Who knew! 🤦‍♀️😜
I’m so grateful for you and your plan. I will sign up for the M+ app and carry on as I’m not in a rush to lose anymore but still have more I want to lose.
Thank you 🙏
Duration - 8 Weeks Weight Loss: 13lbs down