Holly Slade


12 Weeks 34lbs Loss

weight loss

Signed up with her Aunty Joanna. During the 12 weeks Holly had some night shifts to work, also got really poorly with a savage allergic reaction but still kept up with the plan 😀 I think the thing we struggled with most is making sure she was drinking enough but got there after a while, with some reminders from me and her family 😂 Really pleased Holly has found something that works for her and she can continue to use.

So after trying every diet plan I could find and either getting bored of the same foods or just not losing the weight I then came across the 1234 plan on Facebook and me and my aunty decided to do it together. The 1234 plan is by far the best one I have ever done - the food I could still enjoy and the support Ben gave was incredible! My 12 weeks on the plan have been amazing and hopefully I will be able to continue by myself - if not I’ll be jumping straight back on the plan!

Duration: 12 weeks Weight Loss: 34lbs down