Iain Mitchell Leslie


1234 in Scotland - 4 Weeks II 11 lbs Down

Portion Control

4 weeks into a 8 week sign up and getting some really great feed back from them.
Enjoying meals ✅
Walking ✅❄️
Losing weight✅
I was very apprehensive about doing this in the beginning as I had tried so many other things that hadn’t worked and just thought I must just put on weight. I’m very active and what I didn’t release was my portion control was lacking.
Since starting Maximus 1,2,3,4 Food Plan it has helped give me the guidance of what I need to stop over indulging and to eat properly. It has been amazing so far, I’m eating a lot better and more frequently, I’m active every day as I was before, however I feel it’s with a lot more purpose. I really have two people to thanks 1. Being Ben for setting us on the right path and 2. Hannah, who keeps me on the path and fed well.
Thanks and I look forward to continuing on with the programme.
Iain’s result!!
Duration: 4 weeks
Weight Loss: 11lbs down !