Ian Frith


15 Weeks 25kg weight loss

Since writing this testimonial Ian has lost another 3kg taken his weight down to 84kg with 12 weeks sending his food pics and a few weeks self managing !! You don’t have to be smashing it on the gym to get your weight loss ! Amazing result !!
I am not a gym guy. I was what you would be classed as a cold caller when I signed up with Ben and the 1234 plan. I signed up for 12 weeks as I really wanted to see a difference. I followed the advice that Ben gave and got on with it. I love the simplicity of it all. No calorie counting, no weighing food or buying special food. No special equipment needed for walking. So in 12 weeks I lost 22kgs and went down from a 38" waist to 32". I self manage now and still losing weight. Ben gets you on the right path and all you have to do is keep on it.
Duration : 15 weeks
Total Weight Loss : 25kg Down