Isobel Burton


Weight Loss

4 Weeks - 7 lbs Loss

1st point I need to make is the before picture is from last year after Isobel and finished 8 months on steroid treatment for chronic illness. She was happy for me to post to help others in a similar position to see that she has now started to shift her weight she gained from being on treatment😀 Really happy that she’s found a plan she can use without restricting herself to extremes. I signed up to the 1234 FoodPlan after a family member recommended it to me and I’m so pleased I went for it! I’ve always struggled to find diets and exercises that work for me due to having a chronic illness and could never seem to shift the medication weight gain that came with it! I’ve now lost 7lbs in the past 4 weeks and I couldn’t be happier with the kick start this plan has given me! It’s very flexible and I still had the odd takeaway. I’m ready to continue on my own and see how much closer I can get to my goal! I cannot recommend enough🤩💪🏽