Jackie Cook


4 Weeks 10lbs weight loss

Jackie recently had a baby and knew she needed to get some weight off to get into her bridesmaid dress. She decided to give the 1234 a try and 4 weeks on she is now in the dress no problems.
I've been on this plan for 4 weeks. I was 4 months postpartum, i needed to fit into a bridesmaid dress that was brought prior to covid. Having a baby in-between lockdown and my best friends wedding seemed like a good idea at the time. Then it came to trying the dress on, safe to say I was upset it didn't fit. But with this plan it now does up with ease. It's such an easy plan to follow, I really enjoyed finding different ways to cook the food I was eating. I done what I set out to achieve with the help and support from Ben. Honestly couldn't recommend this plan enough. Thank you!
Weight Loss –10lbs down
Duration – 4 weeks