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weight loss transformation

Sustainable results 💪🏼 
Weight Loss Transformation
As with a lot of people I have trained and worked over the years they pop in or send me a follow up of how they are doing after learning how to eat for them and train.
Especially love this one as Jasmine self manages everything by herself now! Food and training! Even making improvements and adjustments during this lockdown! A little check in and a discussion I’m always happy to help with especially when these are the results! The first pic was a couple of years ago now making the results sustainable and maintainable!
I give you full credit for that. Honestly since Christmas I’ve eaten some shit! But I’ve tried to balance it out and I’ve walked non stop. I cannot wait to start lifting again! Tbh I’m doing your plan the only thing I have changed is I mix between protein pancakes/porridge and sometimes eggs in the morning. I just cannot cope with eggs anymore🤣🥴 but it’s working and I feel good!
Fuck what weight she has lost, the scales were ditched a long time ago!
Came to gym after seeing the results I got for her sister Portia. Was incredibly unhappy with how she looked and just couldn’t get herself out of the rut she was in. admitted feeling very down which was affecting everything in her life. Started plan for 8 weeks with the light exercise I advised her to do. Wasn’t plain sailing but got to grips with the three golden rules and the results started to come. With each pound lost she said she felt more motivated and happier that she had taken control of her eating. Started two pt sessions a week and began to self manage food. A year in she is still in this shape and even upped it a bit for a holiday with her friends saying that wearing a bikini and being body confident was the best feeling ever.