Jason Lancashire


16 Weeks - 20kgs lost

Jason Lancashire Signed up to plan after watching some of the videos and reading testimonials. He decided he wanted to give it a go so he did and he’s done it very well !!! I posted a few weeks ago about the improvements the weight loss has had on his health . He’s reduced medication for high blood pressure and no longer has the worry about being pre-diabetic. We started with getting him eating the right things, in the right portion and walking . After weight had dropped he increased exercise and has started jogging and doing some workouts . He even got himself a rowing machine during lockdown as he recognised he wasn’t moving as much whilst being off work and didn’t want progress to slow down . He hasn’t just done this for a quick fix he has done it to change his lifestyle and will continue to use the plan. Great success.... going on to self manage food and coming to the gym to start PT sessions next week . Started in Feb 20kgs lost !!!! 😀❤️🏋🏼‍♂️🌎👊🏼