Jenna Denness


16 Weeks 24lbs weight loss

16 weeks ago I signed up to a plan I had seen and heard a lot about on social media. I signed up with the thought of losing about 10lb. I never imagined how much it would change my whole attitude towards meals and food. I’d never really understood portion control and having a food coach on hand all the time is amazing. I’ve realised that there is no ‘bad’ foods and with the right portions and activity there is nothing off limits. My fitness and energy levels have increased so much (14 minute mile walks) and when I started I was walking a 19 minute mile! The m plus app keeps me on track for my weekly weigh ins. I’m now ready to move over to the maintenance plan as I have reached a healthy target weight. Thank you Maximus 1234!

Weight Loss –24lbs down
Duration – 16 weeks