Jess Lemon


8 Weeks 18.5lbs weight loss

This is what we aim to do. Improve the relationship clients have with food. No guilt, no ‘cheat meals’. Just a better understanding of how to adjust their eating habits without restricting yourself too much that it feels like hell 😀
I’ve eaten the things I normally would and still had days with plans and takeaways and yet I’ve still managed to lose a good amount of weight consistently week on week.
I’ve never really stuck to anything long term before because I find counting and weighing things boring, difficult to manage and it genuinely doesn’t fit with my lifestyle, this is totally different, I’ve eaten normal food alongside my husband and never felt like I was going without and I’ve not had to weigh a single thing - I’ve learnt to be mindful of portion sizes without the weighing!
This time it’s definitely a lifestyle change for me, I’ve learnt so much about managing my stress eating and I can finally recognise when I’m full/not hungry! I wouldn’t have been able to do that without this plan.
I’m now almost at 20% of my weight loss goal and I know that I will keep going with this thanks to Ben and his support, especially on the days where I want to eat the world!
Weight Loss –18.5lbs down
Duration –8 weeks