Jo James


weight loss

12 Weeks - 2 Stone 4 lbs Loss

“52 and stuck in a rut!!  My normal way of weight loss was not working I was told about this plan and although seeing and reading the amazing transformations, thought I’d never be one of them, oh how wrong was I!!!!  Easy to follow, never hungry and the most amazing support from Sir Ben Rickwood (yes I will be contacting the Palace!!).

Thought walking was boring and not hardcore enough, again wrong I will be carrying on my early morning walks, with maybe a Sunday off!!! Also I will continue the having breakfast for lunch and visa versa….its a no-brainer just do it!  It’s a lifestyle choice which works and is “normal”.

Thanks Ben, I’ll miss the banter and apologies for my potty mouth!!!!!  I hope you go on to have much more success with this plan.  I’d love to come over for a PT session some time, will try and work something in once we know more about my daughters netball commitments over the next few months!

Many thanks and have a good day.

Jo James


4 Weeks - 16 lbs Down !!!!

Jo started off on plan annoyed with her weight because she felt she had let it get out of hand but also with a lot of determination to change it . Enjoyed her morning walks listening to music and watching my videos (watches them all and takes it all onboard💪🏼)
Few stressful days with work so she got together with a friend and had a Gin and cooked some sausages on the fire pit , had a great evening, no guilt and felt better for it the next day 😀
Restricting yourself too much just to chase a number on the scales ???
It’s not going to make you feel good . Let go of that and be more like Jo !!!
Loving the plan and her results so much she’s signed up for another 4weeks 👊🏼